Can I draw art of you?

Yes! Art can be SFW or NSFW, however NSFW art has a couple of conditions. Solo NSFW art is always allowed. If there is another character (or more) involved, all I ask is to be respectful of me, my character and any other characters included, as well as their creators/owners. If you're posting art on Twitter, the SFW hashtag is #MacroToast and the NSFW hashtag is #Himcubussy.

About Macro

Alias: MacroToast

  • Base Hair - 171313

  • Hair Gradient - 551A1B

  • Pupil - 7A0000

  • Sclera - 21090A

  • Shirt - 23222B

  • Pants - 21090A , 976355 , 201E22

  • Pants Gradient - 24242B

  • Belt - F4F2F5 , 56575C

  • Straps- 56575C

  • Shoes - DCC0C0, 91282F, 2A1E2A

  • Jacket Inner - 752C36 , 1C1C24

  • Jacket Outer - 1F1E27, F4F2F5, B15434


Concept & design by Apakilypse and MacroToast

Video Edits

Video edits are handled on a case-by-case basis, preferably over Email or Discord for long-term work. If you wish to discuss, please reach out to me through Twitter or by Email and I will get back to you as soon as I am able to.

For one-time editing work, I occasionally open request slots on my Ko-Fi page (VGen soon). For more info, please check out the link belows.

Short Form Examples

Long Form Examples

Misc Examples

Unless you request it; any video edits I do for you may be used in demo reels or for demonstration purposes (e.g. in a portfolio). Credit to your YouTube, Twitter or Twitch will be provided whenever these circumstances occur.

Extra Content (18+)